Patch FIT005 Elbow


Package containing 8 FIT005 Elbow Patches.

Recommended for relieving situations of elbow pain and contracture (tendinitis, bruises).

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The plasters are recommended:

  • For relieving situations of muscular-skeletal discomfort caused by the excessive build up of tissue acidosis from overloading the muscular fibres through quicker disposal of lactic acid
  • In functional recovery processes of the muscle tissues affected by contraction due to overload, antalgic contraction and strength deficit from over-stress syndromes as they promote relief of the painful symptoms and bring about a myo-relaxing action on the muscle area in question

The plaster in the pack may be used for elbow pain and contracture (tendinitis, bruises).


Remove the plaster from the base

  • Apply the plaster on the bent elbow, ensuring that skin is clean, dry and hair-free
  • Wait for approximately two minutes before moving to ensure the plaster adheres fully to the skin
  • Keep the plaster on for 5 days
  • Continue the treatment until the symptoms improve

The plaster will continue to work even if it gets wet (e.g. in the shower).


The plasters are not to be used on wounds or on broken or reddened skin.
The products are non-sterile and do not contain any form of medication.
If you suffer from specific blood circulation (especially to do with microcirculation) or muscular problems, seek the advice of your GP before applying the plasters.
Do not apply a plaster if it shows any sign of wear or defects.
If any reactions to the plaster occur, for example itchiness or reddening, remove the plaster immediately.


Store at room temperature. The packaging will in any case provide the necessary protection to prevent the product from being damaged during movement.

Date of last rev. 18/11/2015